Pick a Pant – The Studio Nicholson Trouser Inventory

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Not all grandmother's wear a flour dusted floral apron and greet you with a plate of freshly baked scones. Thankfully, mine was 100% pure tomboy till the bitter end; she couldn't give a stuff about blue rinses, Crimplene dresses or whatever shizzle was going down with the Royal family. Sadie was always wearing the trousers (in more ways than one) and she was far too busy chain smoking, watching the snooker, football or darts to give a hoot about anything that was happening outside her cul-de-sac.


A lifelong lover of baggy slacks she shunned anything remotely 'girlie'. The only time I ever saw her legs was when she'd obviously been railroaded into wearing a skirt for her 40th wedding anniversary shindig in 1984. She had a fine pair of pins but said trousers were more practical for 'getting on with stuff' – a sentiment that must be deep in the Cloudsdale genetics because I too am rarely seen flouncing about in a dress. Grandma found her natural steez in crease-front polyester numbers that she'd shorten by hand to just above ankle height. Being vertically challenged myself, I'm a regular down the alterations shop getting my strides altered to hit that 'sweet spot' that shows a bit of sock.


For me, every outfit starts with the trousers. The decision I make each morning on the leg covering stakes ends up driving my entire look – I build the other elements around it. They are the anchor for every other item I choose to wear that day. Sounds a bit grandiose maybe, but I think pants have the power to tell a story and show the world who we really are (in the same way as shoes being a window to the soul, but let's not get started on that one today). Picking the right one requires a bit of intel about fabrication, volume, leg shape, and daily purpose. It's not an easy one to nail, so I thought it might be useful to skim over the design details for each of Studio Nicholson's heavy hitters in the trouser department.


For men who think big, Bushel is the best-selling men's style for volume. With the quintessential curved leg and neat pleats at the front, these bad boys offer the ultimate youthful freedom. Studio Nicholson founder, Nick Wakeman, clapped eyes on someone walking down a busy Tokyo street a few years ago, and never forgot the way he wore oversized (but perfectly executed) proportions. This fleeting glance influenced the resulting design and the wool Bushel pant was born.


Sometimes you need to step away from the curve but keep the width, and that's when the Pyad comes into action. Constructed in heavy twill or selvedge denim, these straight legged, flat front slacks can withstand all your tricks at the local skate bowl. This is for those of you who need something hardy and tough but don't want to rock up to the pub looking like an off-duty plumber. Think workwear references, with generous deep pockets and hefty hems. The Pyad was built to take the strain – so you don't have to.


When the world sits somewhere in between the two, Bill's your man. This is the so-called regular pant, with a classic, slender leg and great fit on the arse. As with all the Studio Nicholson trousers, you can rely on proper sized pockets and nifty details (these ones have a wide hanging loop at the back so there's no excuse for chucking them on your bedroom chair after a hard day at the office). In brushed cotton twill that feels peachy to the touch, this is the solid everyday pant. No fuss, no frills, there's a reason we Don't Mess With Bill.


For women, the Dordoni is our stand-out best-selling pant. Whether you're short, tall, big or small, this is a classic Studio Nicholson shape engineered to give you volume in all the right places. Designed as the universal women's trouser, it works equally well with a tucked in tee, oversized shirt or chunky knit. High waisted with deliberately deep single pleats at the front and generous side pockets, the Dordoni should ideally act as the cornerstone for your modular wardrobe.


For me personally, I'm a Byte kinda broad. These are, by far, my favourite trousers and the go-to choice every time I open the bloody wardrobe. With a curved leg that tapers towards the ankle and a waistband that sits naturally just above the belly button, these miracle workers make me feel like a Jack Nicholson era Angelica Houston (yes – they really are THAT good). Cute on the bum and made from knockout quality brushed twill, they have 2% elastane which means they ping back into shape, even after a long day typing at my desk.


And finally, the Point. This would have definitely been Grandma Sadie's choice. A crease front slack made from yarn dyed Italian twill, they've been factory pressed with a subtle, light crease to keep things looking crisp and clean. The slightly slimmed down leg offers a more traditional silhouette and with angled pockets at the front and classic welts at the back, they're guaranteed to set the tone for those who need to keep things neat and tidy.


Leanne Cloudsdale is the Studio Nicholson Editor at Large