Awkward Proportions

The spirit of awkward proportions runs through every element of the Studio Nicholson modular wardrobe. Items are pristinely cut with expertly placed panelling – engineered for layering and designed to come alive once on the body. The result is an interchangeable system for dressing that allows the wearer total flexibility. Pants with a hobo-like crop to the leg have become the quintessential shape for every Studio Nicholson collection, and Nick cites the clothing of her childhood as a major influence for the concept of this particular silhouette.

A dedicated tomboy, she rebuked the populist 1970s prairie flounce dresses worn by most girls, preferring denim dungarees instead, hand-made by her seamstress mother. The raw denim was brought over from Hong Kong by an uncle, and the inevitable shrinkage lead to what is now lovingly referred to as ‘half-masts’. There is something inherently playful and youthful about trousers worn at this length.

The androgyny and freedom of these childhood outfits have been referenced ever since the brands inception, but for SS16 the unconventional length of the Manzoni Utility Pant incorporates elements of carefree summer nonchalance and satisfying awkwardness. A carefree, utilitarian shape made to show a subtle slice of ankle when worn with a flat sneaker or sandal. For many women, the transition this shape takes time, and guts - but once you're on the other side, you rarely look back!

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