Women's Pre-Fall '22
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Every now and again, it makes sense to step back and take a look at the wider view. With the rush of daily life, we sometimes lose perspective - but by pulling the bigger picture into focus, we can absorb the macro details that make a landscape so beautiful. This has been a driving philosophy for Studio Nicholson’s PF22 collection.
Men's Autumn-Winter '22
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There’s an indisputable tribal sensation inside the world of Studio Nicholson’s uptown raver. It’s a universe that celebrates the familiarity of a friendly face, the security of togetherness, the culture and comfort of belonging. Step inside AW22 and experience the civilised nature of the ‘new casuals’.
Ergonomic Elegance - FOOTWEAR
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Modularity isn’t complete without footwear. They bring soul and substance to everything we wear. Shoes are the punctuation mark on a perfectly constructed sentence, the finishing touch, a window to the soul. Everyone can relate to an outfit that’s been ruined (or enhanced) by the perfect pair, which cements the notion that they’re probably one of the most personality-exposing things we own.
Three years ago Creative Director, Nick Wakeman came across Hironobu, an exceptionally stylish octogenarian from the city of Suzuka in Japan’s Kansai region...