California-based Jonah Weiner is the co-founder of Blackbird Spyplane, a critically acclaimed newsletter published twice a week on Substack. As a writer for The New York Times, Jonah started the project as a 2020 lockdown distraction with his wife Erin Wylie (a talent scout for Apple). Since launching, the pair have taken an introspective look at the way we interpret offbeat trends and culture. They have featured interviews with the likes of André 3000, Michael Stipe, King Krule, Lorde, Héctor Bellerín, James Blake, and Tyler, The Creator – so with this in mind, we decided to ask Jonah to pull together a playlist for the Modular Sounds series. 

Speaking about his selection for Studio Nicholson, he said, “I’ve been listening to Aphex Twin’s ‘Alberto Balsalm’ tons lately, so I kind of loosely built outwards from there: It's mostly mellow and melodic songs, and they're all electronic. A lot of them are droney. Some are easy to dance to; others are easy to read, write or zone out to; and a few, especially toward the end, are great to try and picture the face of God to."