In Conversation With We The People Style

Jessie Bush, creator of one of our favourite online reads - We The People Style - recently called by the studio to catch up with Nick. Here's what they discussed:

Jessie: How did Studio Nicholson come to life?

Nick: A complete need to express myself really. I’d been consulting for other brands and wasn’t enjoying the work. I also had another brand years ago that was mainly sold in Japan – I guess I also wanted to see how I’d developed, how I’d grown and learned from all the mistakes I’d made with my previous brand. Ultimately, I wanted to work with the best materials available and make a garment at an accessible price point whilst retaining quality of make. I think the result is a modular wardrobe that is really considered.

Jessie: Your collections are grounded by classic silhouettes and beautiful fabrications. What’s your process when approaching a new season’s line? Do you travel? Research?

Nick: I research heavily. I collect Japanese books on architecture and interiors – the lines found in the images and the materials used by the designers always provide a glimmer at the start of designing a new collection. I also take snaps on my iPhone of ordinary people in daily life – I quite often stop someone and take a pic of their worn-out pants or jacket that they have had for years. The older generation always inspire me the way they hang on to items of clothing for such a long time. My major obsession are old men in Tokyo.

Jessie: What’s the most satisfying aspect of running the creative aspect of your own business?

Nick: Seeing my fabric choices work so well in my silhouettes – its the marrying of the two that brings me the most satisfaction. I cannot express in words how it makes me feel.

Jessie: And the hardest?

Nick: Not having enough down time, I just seem to get busier and busier. I made a promise to myself at the beginning of this year to always take one extra day for myself on business trips. That’s working out really well so far!!

Jessie: Any pearls of wisdom for those wanting a career in fashion design?

Nick: Be very sure of your intentions and with what you want to say, stick to your guns when the whole world is doing something different.

Jessie: Do you and your team have any Friday night studio rituals?

Nick: No, but we have a Friday lunchtime lunch out all together. Usually at Leila’s next door for homemade soup / salads and tarts.

Jessie: You recently made the move to East London. What inspires you in the neighbourhood?

Nick: East London is OLD! I love the oldness of the area.

Jessie: How do you pack when traveling for work?

Nick: I’m a militant packer, everything is pressed within an inch of its life (I wear a lot of crisp shirts).

Jessie: When you see someone wearing Studio Nicholson, what goes through your mind?

Nick: Who are they and why did they choose my design. I want to know all about them and what makes them think. Are they like me, do they have the same wants and needs from their wardrobe and their life?