A Trip To Paris by Chris Kontos

I have started calling Paris my home now. In the last six months, my trips to the French capital have brought me nearer and nearer the magic of city. It has been a decision moulded and shaped for a long time now and I never regretted it the slightest. And what is always even more re assuring is the enthusiasm of Parisians about their city. Driving across the Seine in a taxi one night, a friend burst into excitement "this city!", even though I guess he has crossed the river hundreds of times in his lifetime the excitement remains the same. Like being in love with the same person deeply over the years without compromise. My last trip was a pastiche of colours with red being the dominant for some reason. Wandering around the city I found my self again lost in a place where time doesn’t matter, where our selves feel like they have been there forever. Things are simple. Some red wine, a friendly smile, and everything seems in the right place. Paris is giving you the answers without even asking for them.

Chris Kontos is a photographer, DJ and publisher of Kennedy Magazine