How To Get Dressed by Lena Dystant

Summer is a tricky time for fans of multiple layers. With the past eight months spent carefully, scientifically combining shirts, sweaters, blazers, denim and various takes on nan-thermals, the switch in climate can be daunting. There is safety in wearing too much. Equipped for all eventualities, you will never get caught out. Smug in your preparedness, wearing half your wardrobe all at once means being ready for outdoors and covered, literally, in options for indoors.

But summer is coming, or some version of it anyway. Now, here you are, staring at a weather app displaying nothing but glowing sun symbols and large numbers. Rethinking the usual morning dressing routine is a must, as is an awareness of our unpredictable climate – how clammy can turn to chilly in the space of a few hours.

In a recent interview, Nick described some of her personal style likes and dislikes and the ways in which they shape Studio Nicholson collections. Commenting on SS16 outerwear she describes: “I constantly wear belted jackets with nothing on underneath, which makes me feel softer. The sharp, tailored lines of the jacket against skin to me feels like the ultimate empowerment.”

This season, two items offer “the ultimate empowerment,” addressing the dilemma of changeable weather and importantly providing a versatile transition piece for those addicted to layering up. The Flamino with its soft shoulders and cool silk/linen mix is a tailored blazer minus the formality while the Corallo uses denim in a structured cut combining a neat stand collar with practical, roomy pockets - broad, cropped sleeves perfect for warmer days. Both pieces carry one distinct design detail. Belted at the waist, the safety of many layers is replaced by the equally comforting feeling of tying a knot, buckling in. Cinched in silhouettes both flattering and uncomplicated, they are of course a license to go as wide and over-sized with trousers as you dare – a classic combination and solid decision, no matter the weather.

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Lena Dystant is London-based writer & stylist.