The Museum of Modern Art Kamakura - A Report by Aya Sekine

The Museum of Modern Art is located in Kamakura, about an hours train ride from Tokyo. The city is a popular tourist destination with numerous temples, shrines and other historical monuments (often called the Kyoto of Eastern Japan). The sandy beaches attract large crowds during the summer months.

The museum was designed by Junzo Sakakura  in 1951, who studied under Le Corbusier and sits next to The Heike Pond. The building extends out over the water and is an exceptionally peaceful place. Sakakura used an interesting set of materials such as concrete, brass, marble and steel. The structures are still in good repair and amazingly have survived the Japanese enthusiasm for demolition and rebuild over the years. The materials have also worn beautifully.

"My favourite spot is by the terrace on the ground floor, over looking Heike pond and the Anthony Gormley sculpture" Aya says.

Worth a visit if you're in Tokyo.