A New York Photo Diary by Jermaine Francis


The work of London-based photographer Jermaine Francis concentrates on documenting the overlooked fleeting moments of everyday lives. He uses the camera as a vehicle for focussing on the contemporary narratives most of take for granted – capturing the beauty of the mundane, emotional and sometimes surreal junctures we mistakenly disregard as seemingly unimportant.  


In his New York City photo diary, he records candid snippets of bustling street-life, seen in the Big Apple a few months before the emergence of the Coronavirus. With the deserted atmosphere of lockdown in cities across the world, the vibrancy of his photographs are a welcome reverie, a cheerful, colour saturated snapshot of how we used to live.


Jermaine studied Photographic Studies at Derbyshire University and has exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery as part of the Taylor Wessing shows - an independent show last year of the Invisible Project. He has also been published in the Thames & Hudson Monograph, Fashion Photography Next Book as well as in magazines such as I-D, 10 Magazine, Beauty Paper, Twin Magazine, Nataal, Fraeuline and Vogue Japan.