A Significant Wardrobe Piece - The Navy Blue Turtleneck

The evolution of the turtleneck has nearly two hundred years of history, from utilitarian work wear to a style tied to social movements.

The turtleneck was a core representation of an independent woman by the 1970’s. The women’s equality movement was in full swing, and the turtleneck became the uniform of the enlightened and intelligent feminist. Gloria Steinem is one iconic example of an avid turtleneck-wearer, and undoubtedly inspired both the imaginations and wardrobes of many women.

Noel Coward frequently wore turtlenecks during his time, and he could almost single-handedly be credited for keeping the look alive among the middle class during the roaring 20’s. Yet, the following decade saw the turtleneck fall out of fashion, worn mainly in workwear and as part of the uniform for the US navy, hence navy blue is the ultimate colour for a turtleneck representing its military origins.