AW17 Preview - Reworking The Familiar

I am a huge fan of the films by Director Wes Anderson. Buried in my unconscious are the colours, sets and wardrobes of these captivating films which somehow always make an impression on the collections I design.

Married with my passion for menswear and how I adapt almost traditional menswear shapes. I decided for the Winter collection 17 I really wanted to wear men's pieces. Oversized, shirts that are cinched in at the waist, anti-fit trousers and borrowed from your boyfriend jumpers.

I started to look at the wardrobe pieces from Wes Anderson’s catalogue of films. There are a lot of thrift store looking suits, shirts and peculiar knitwear all worn with a tennis shoe – a look I find quite compelling. Within this look is a certain insouciance, this look says ‘I am unconcerned about what you think of me, I am secure with who I am.’

I then thought about how to build a collection that had traditional menswear origins and how to feminize and modernize those pieces.

The silhouettes within the AW17 collection are built on mens pieces, expertly re-worked, darted and sculpted to fit the female form. Jackets have curved and darted sleeves that add elegance to an otherwise masculine shape, the same with the trousers within the collection. Shirts have traditional details that we have moved around and distorted, collars are exaggerated - reminiscent of Anderson’s wardrobes.

Knitwear is purposefully lurid and colour clashing, to Andersons cinematography and film sets.


Main Collection launches the week commencing 9th October.

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