British Made

Photos: Aya Sekine

There’s a growing interest in provenance, authenticity within the fashion Industry. Led by pioneering craft entrepreneurs, we could even be witnessing a rebirth of British garment manufacturing. The provenance of fabrications and manufacture is extremely important to me. The denim, knitwear and outerwear are made in London, shirts are produced in Italy from 30 washed times Egyptian cotton or two fold 100's end on end. The English Herringbone used on the ‘David Byrne Coat’ and the thornproof wool used on the balloon pant are both heritage fabrics from Abraham Moon in Yorkshire and the uniquely low tech performance of Ventile used across outerwear makes use of traditional menswear fabrications but used on progressive silhouettes to build a modern modular wardrobe.

Luard wears our David Byrne Wool herringbone coat made in Abraham Moon fabric, our Milton weatherproof volume Gaberdine in Ventile fabric and the Sort heavy rib turtle neck sweater in merino wool, all made in England.


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