Futuristically Familiar - Coated Linen

Honest, raw and always authentic, linen acts as an antidote to the digitisation of our modern lives. Ancient Egyptians were its earliest adopters. Far from humble, this revered fabric was a symbol of serious social class status – a categorisation that has continued through the middle ages right up until the present day. 30% stronger than cotton, its durability stems from long length, twisted fibres. Cultivated from the exceptionally resilient and self-sufficient flax plant, which thrives without the use of pesticides, this entirely natural fibre’s popularity has maintained momentum for centuries, regardless of passing trends.

Sustainable, simplistic and surprisingly functional, the raw energy of linen can sometimes prevent it from feeling like an everyday textile. Because of this, Studio Nicholson has introduced a coated version to amplify the structure and add a subtle sharpness to the otherwise fluid silhouette. A key part of this season’s Haptic Dynamics series, this revolutionary linen has been designed to stimulate the senses and kick-start our tactile experience during wear. Lightweight and modern, but with signature slubs still in full force, it has in-built temperature regulating and hypoallergenic properties – making it the perfect choice for warmer weather.

Woven in Italy, this complex new fabrication has been utilised across a number of key shapes for Summer 21. Engineered for maximum slouch, these laid-back styles manage to effortlessly blend the need for comfort with an air of soft, sophisticated playfulness. Firm but floppy, it’s the ideal weight for durable draping – and the clever coating technology means it doesn’t crease in the same way untreated linen.

Selects include the tapered Bag Pant with double pleat front and button-cinch hem or the deliberately voluminous Camino Pants with elasticated waistband for slow-paced summer sauntering. For the upper quadrant, there’s the Belleri Shirt with button front, boxy hem and a sportswear inspired drawstring hood. Team the short-sleeved, band collar Suma Shirt with the pyjama-style Leda Shorts, or turn the smartness up a notch by pairing them instead, with the point collared Piero Shirt with rubberised buttons and back sleeve vents. Textural familiarity with a polished edge; exactly what you’d expect from the modular wardrobe.