Dad Jeans - Trusting The Tiago

Once the domain of plain clothed police officers, the straight legged jean is enjoying something of a renaissance. These are denims that don’t deviate towards the cropped and cute - instead, they’re a style shift towards a no-nonsense 90s masculinity. Forget the ankle flasher; these ‘dad jeans’ are serious shoe kissers. Breaking over your Birks or sneakers with a soft, subtle crumple, (in the same way that curtains hit the floorboards in a beautiful stately home) the ‘dad jean’ takes some getting used to.

Before you bolt at the thought of pavement grazing trousers, think of the benefits - the ‘dad jean’ dimensions add at least 3 inches to your leg length, as well as making the upper part of the body look neater in comparison. Silhouette-wise, it’s a disruptive shock to the Studio Nicholson system - the lines are undeniably parallel, the denim is neutral, but nostalgic. They have architectural stature with a tomboyish sensuality - these are trousers with a spritz of humour, poured over a tall glass of pure cotton seriousness.

Piling your efforts into the lower quadrant tells the universe you’re prepped for striding into real life. ‘Dad jeans’ are designed to be seen, not hidden under a desk on a Zoom call at home. The key to transitioning into this elongated denim change-maker is to sport that flat-fronted natural rise like a seasoned professional. Dare to tuck in. Bring a belt into the equation. Slide on a more elegant shoe than normal to red stamp that off duty androgynous appeal.

"Forget the ankle flasher; these ‘dad jeans’ are serious shoe kissers."

Straight talking trousers like these are best worn in the same way as tailoring. Bang yours on with a Conde Jacket if smart/casual dressing is your thing. Look at good ‘ole Harrison Ford for inspiration. Who knew petrol station sunglasses and a suntan were all you needed to give ‘dad jeans’ that award winning Hollywood glamour? Bill Murray’s another one. He wore his trademark smirk and some grubby workmen’s boots for hazy nights out at Studio 54. Deliberate disco denim – it’s just the ticket for winter (and beyond).

Studio Nicholson pays homage to straight-talkin’ loose legs with their increasingly popular Tiago Denim Pant. These are no vintage facsimiles though, there’s a clever, almost imperceptible taper down towards the hem. This stops them sticking out at the hem and guarantees a certain ‘finished’ polish to that amplified leg length. Nobody needs an accidental kick-flare – life is bad enough! But jokes aside, the Tiago offers a reliable but directional alternative to the continuity Ruthe Jean. Sophisticated. Sensible. Straight up slouch. Your dad was right, after all.