Louisiana Museum Of Modern Art

Louisiana Museum Of Modern Art is one of the world’s leading art galleries, known for both its curation of works and unique coastal setting. The museum presents six to ten special exhibitions annually, alongside its own permanent collection that includes dedicated Giacometti and Asger Jorn galleries and extensive gardens featuring the sculptural work of Richard Serra, Alexander Calder, Joan Miró, Max Ernst and Henry Moore.

Located 25 miles north of Copenhagen (and easily reached by train) the gallery ranks high on most city guides. So last weekend whilst visiting the city, two of the Studio Nicholson team decided it would be a good way to spend a wet and miserable Saturday afternoon.

As we left the train platform and started our short walk to the site, we commented it was brave to open such a progressive gallery outside of the capital. It made complete sense a few minutes later as we arrived at the front gates, struck by the unique calm of the location.

Sadly, the weather limited our time outside in the Sculpture Park and gardens, so we hurried inside to check out the permanent collections and the current exhibitions of William Kentridge, Barnett Newman and Wang Shu. The latter was a particular highlight, a name new to us both, we left inspired by his sustainable and socially conscious work in China. Long modernist corridors join the various rooms enabling us to stop and appreciate cabinets of Giacometti sculptures and Joan Miró and Max Ernst works in the garden before stopping for lunch in the restaurant, with its sea view to the Swedish coast. 

The restaurant and adjacent concert hall are as pleasing on the eye as everything else at Louisiana - an abundance of taste. If only they offered guest’s rooms for the night, we’d definitely have stayed.

We left time a bit tight for the remaining rooms and sadly had to pass on the queue for Kusama’s light installation. But we did manage to pick up a few nice posters for the flat before they kicked us out and we braved the rain back to the city.

This was somehow our first time visiting Louisiana having both been to Copenhagen several times before. It’s safe to say, it will be an important part of all future trips – highly recommended.