For the 2023 grand opening of the new Studio Nicholson store in Tokyo, it was only natural for brand founder and creative director, Nick Wakeman, to curate the evening’s musical soundtrack.  As part of our Press Play series, we’re sharing the playlist Nick created for the party, which is the perfect reflection of the tracks she’s been listening to over the years.

A conscious, deliberate window into the mind of its creator, it’s a selection that encapsulates a mood, a moment or a memory. For Nick, music has always been a central inspiration and listeners will find a snapshot of her auditory taste – from dance remixes of The Cure’s classic Close to Me, to uplifting 80s floor-fillers by Fun Boy Three and smokingly smooth power bangers by the likes of Robert Palmer, Gerry Rafferty and Talking Heads. The choices mirror her personality: rebellious, fun, polished but cool. The ideal distraction from the daily grind.