Nick Wakeman - Studio Nicholson

For the next instalment of our women’s series, we thought it was only right we focus on our Founder and Creative Director.

A couple of weeks back writer Chi San Wan and Photographer Jess McCormick made their way to Nick’s Hackney apartment to find out more about what surrounds, inspires and excites the Studio Nicholson chief.

Here is what they found out….

Tell me how you decided on the name Studio Nicholson? 

Nicholson was my maternal grandmother’s maiden name, she was a formidable and impeccably dressed woman. All the women in my family were/are pretty well put together.

Have you always been a ‘modular wardrobe’ person, or has that developed over time?


It started in my late twenties. I have always worn mens jeans and jackets and shirts. My palette is what keeps it modular - I can grab anything from my wardrobe without worrying about what goes with what. The formula is there.

From where do you draw inspiration?


Esoteric cultural references are the foundations of each collection. I then look to architecture for details. Orthogonal structures are fascinating.

Do you have days where you don’t feel inspired, and if so, how do you overcome this?


Easily, I switch it up and do something else until I get an idea.

Do you wear a lot of your own designs?


Yes, I generally find one or two pieces in each collection and grab a few of them in different colour ways or fabrications - mainly from the mens collection. Currently I’m wearing our Back pant with our mens shirts.

Is there an item in your wardrobe that you cannot live without?

Shirts - I wear one every day. It's an obsession, I’m a collector. Some of my shirts are over 20 years old - they come from everywhere.


Describe yourself in three words.


Tough, curious and daft

What’s your biggest weakness? 


My lack of cooking skills, I might add that I’m extremely skilled at washing up.

When you’re not working, how do you like to relax?

I practice yoga and I’m persevering with meditation as my mind is always on.

Tell me about your home?

I value space over things, so yes I’m a minimalist. My apartment is in an old victorian school, and is designed really well mixing the traditional fixtures with a modern use of space.

What are your favourite places for…


At home on a Saturday Morning - I make a good brew.


The Nezu Museum in Aoyama, Tokyo, The Louisiana, Copenhagen, The Hayward Gallery, London for its architecture mainly.


Usually Patmos and LA on rotation - I’m a creature of habit.


I’m a product nut - my go to brands are Chantacaille and Skin Ceuticals. I’m lucky that I get these given to me from people within the beauty industry.

What are you currently…

…listening to? 

KCRW Top Tracks, Dr. Dre 2001.


Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux and The White Album by Joan Didion.

…interested in? 

The people in my life.

…most looking forward to?

Living my best day today, being the best I can be today.

Name three women who inspire you…

My friends Kate Lee and Sharlene Spiteri - the strongest, most phenomenally funny women I’ll ever know. My mother Jude for her grace and warmth.



Editorial by Chi San Wan

Photos by Jessica MacCormick