Photo Diary By Matteo Bianchessi - Architecture & Attire


Hailing from a small town close to Lake Garda in northern Italy, Matteo Bianchessi was making headway with a degree in web design when a chance tutorial with his Photoshop professor introduced him to the world of SLR cameras and photography. It kickstarted a love affair with taking pictures of walls, people, skies, trains, cars, architecture, mountains and countryside. 


Bianchessi spent a decade travelling and capturing the urban (and rural) landscapes of Italy, Tokyo, Paris, Stockholm, London, Scotland, Copenhagen, Iceland, Spain and San Francisco. For him, the drive to record the world around him fulfils a need to summarise the scenes he sees, documenting the objects, moments and atmosphere of daily life, encapsulating tone, texture and colour with so much intensity that the viewer feels part of the image. 


His innate capacity to infuse nostalgia with a distinctively modern ambience has seen his expertise being commissioned by the likes of Cartier, Bang & Olfusen, Borsalino, Mercedes, Etro, Jaguar Italia and Studio Nicholson. When asked how he would describe his aesthetic, Bianchessi reveals that, "for me, the world is like a book with an infinite number of pages. The photographs I take are like underlining the sentences that resonate with me, in a book I'm really interested in. With everything I see, I'm creating my own world."



Leanne Cloudsdale is the Studio Nicholson Editor-at-Large