Comfort Code - Studio Nicholson x Sunspel


Fabric is fundamental for Studio Nicholson. Developing garments that put comfort and functionality first is the core principle for every collection. This is fuelled by intelligent design that instinctively understands the changing needs of the modern consumer and adapts to the beat accordingly. The skill to create timeless, durable and effortless clothing requires the utilisation of the world’s best cloth – which is the rationale behind the collaboration between Studio Nicholson and Sunspel.


Founded by Thomas Hill in 1860, Sunspel has always been regarded as a jersey trailblazer. Based in Nottingham, they are credited with manufacturing some of the world’s first t-shirts and luxury undergarments. They pioneered the production of lightweight, pure cotton clothing – all of which continues to be spun from the finest yarns and exported globally. Teaming up with the experts was a no-brainer for Studio Nicholson. Across both brands, there’s a shared reputation for uncompromising quality, a long-standing affinity with Japan and an ethos of elegant simplicity, combined with a love of premium materials and a meticulous attention to detail.


Working closely together, the result is a capsule of elevated jersey separates, each with a clear place and purpose within the modular wardrobe. As Studio Nicholson founder Nick Wakeman explains, “This isn’t loungewear. They’re definitely not made for ‘slobbing about’ in. We approached every element with the same reverence as a woven garment – incorporating attitude with elevated, well-fitting shapes and the persistent pursuit of the ideal fit. These are definite silhouettes – and have been designed to be worn together, in sets.”


Masterminded as a kit-of-parts, this monochrome Milk and Black collaboration unites Sunspel’s cotton crafting heritage with the practical, playful hallmarks of Studio Nicholson. Fabrications include Sunspel’s exceptionally soft long-staple midweight cotton jersey, an engineered Cotton Stretch Jersey and the unique Cotton Loopback, finished in fleece for a softer handle. Molecules include the Farley Jogger for women, together with the clean-cut Leen Leggings and Zip-neck Brook Top. For men, there’s the Idle Sweatshirt and matching Ryton Joggers, which can be switched out for the Maun Hoodie when the temperature drops.


Every item has been designed for unisexuality, giving the wearer full autonomy, regardless of gender. Collaboration labelling carries a reference to subliminal messaging, with the words Sunspel and Studio Nicholson spelled out in morse code – the minimalist dots and dashes sending out a clear signal of brand alliance and harmonious values using a system that can be understood by everyone.


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Leanne Cloudsdale is the Studio Nicholson Editor-at-Large