A Day at Taketo Masui's Studio - Summer 18 Menswear Preview

Taketo Masui is an emerging Japanese sculptor in the fine art world and has exhibited extensively throughout Japan, most recently he showed at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno and The Gallery Seihou in Ginza and has been awarded numerous prizes and accolades. Masui turns to self portrait as a medium traversing between the past and the future.

Masui works predominately with clay on various scales, the largest piece being two metres high and he says that the superior quality of the raw materials he uses is imperative; something we at Studio Nicholson feel is the most important factor to creating a desirable end product. Masui often travels far and wide to source the clay and the glaze that gives a unique metallic finish to his sculpture. 

Taketo Masui is wearing pieces from our forthcoming Summer 18 Menswear collection at his studio in Tokyo.

Images by Aya Sekine