The Long And Short The Of It

My shirt length to the proportions of my pant is a key part of my daily wardrobe build, needless to say it plays a big part in design at Studio Nicholson too. The ratio of my shirt length is key to where my pant sits, shirts that fall to the hip look better with a fitted high waste pant (see the Alonso shirt & Battista pant) especially if they are spilt at the side. Swingy shirt shirts need some balance on the bottom half (see The Celio Shirt and Benito Skirt).

What I really covet in summer are awkward and surprising proportions where layering is not always an option. This brings me to the shirt dress & volume pant combination. Our Vico shirt dress has beautiful volume throughout the body making it fold and fall in even waves to the knee, the trick is in the oversize side gussets which gives your pant space to shine. The long and the short of it is that the shirt dress over pant combination, for me is always a winning combination.


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