The Perfect Option – Powder Cotton

Never one for a logo emblazoned chest, I steered clear of tracksuit tops in the 1980s. Kicking against the trend tide singled me out as the class nerd, and whilst everyone else was hellbent on dressing like a football casual (or Madonna) after school, I was happy to keep my shirt and tie on until bedtime. This habit lasted until I was 18, and to some extent, still continues today. Life is stressful enough without having to worry about what to wear; best to nail a formula and stick to it. Uniforms are popular for a reason – it’s because they work.



Finding separates that never fail is the holy grail and from a durability perspective, the thing to consider first and foremost is the fabric. Ideally it needs to breathe with you, move when you do and make you feel like a better, more polished version of yourself. Seek out something that’s equal parts crisp and crunch – like Studio Nicholson’s powder cotton. Loyal customers will already be familiar with this wonder cloth and its seemingly never-ending list of virtues.


A cornerstone for your daily clothing system, it skims the body, offering definition and structure where you need it the most. Densely woven enough to be utilised on shirting, trousers or skirts, it’s a one-stop-shop regardless of season. Layer up in winter with superfine thermals underneath, or feel the summer breeze in the warmer months by loosening a button here or there. Always friend, never foe, your modular wardrobe needs it.


For pre-fall 2020, the powder cotton comes from Italy. Woven by industry experts who pride themselves on their sustainable approach, the mill adheres to strictly policed Greenpeace affiliated certifications. With an OEKtex seal of approval, it has been selected for its unique powdery hand-feel as well as its provenance – this is no ordinary fabric. Ideal across all unisex styles, its character sits perfectly this season with the women’s Asuka and Oyodo shirts. Harking back to the beauty of institutional dress code ease, the band collared Asuka has a curved hemline and box pleat at the back and is available in Dark Navy or White. The pullover Oyodo shirt feels a little less formal – with a paired-back three-button placket, split front and back vents. Both work best untucked (which in the past, would have signalled a trip to the headmaster’s office) and paired effortlessly with the returning Greta Pant, available in a limited edition Almond or Dark Navy powder cotton. Cut for functionality and designed to suit everyone, regardless of shape or size, they make it easy to feel just the right side of smart. Perfect preparation for the ‘back to school’ mood that September always brings.




Leanne Cloudsdale is the Studio Nicholson Editor-at-Large