Nick Wakeman Interviews Takahiro Kinoshita - Editor-In-Chief Of Popeye Magazine

NW: Nice to meet you Mr. Kinoshita, what brings you to London? 

TK: I’m here to do a talk for Mag Culture at Conway Hall.

NW: What are your feelings about London as a city?

TK: I really like London, I like the tradition that London offers. I particularly like the area around Jermyn Street, I buy shirts at Hilditch and Key and I shop at The Haberdashery section at Anderson & Sheppard - I just bought a coat there.

NW: I love Anderson & Sheppard, Anda Rowland who owns Anderson & Sheppard is actually a bit of a Studio Nicholson womenswear fan, she’s a very clever woman.

Let's talk about menswear. What are your signature pieces?

TK: I always wear a candy-striped shirt, different brands, different fabrics, different types of stripes but they're my trademark piece of clothing. I think men in general wear variations on the same pieces every day with subtle differences.

NW: There’s a certain comfort in that isn’t there? I have the same ‘DNA’ pieces in my wardrobe that make me who I am. 

TK: Yes, I feel at ease dressing like this.

NW: All the men in my life get dressed in a very specific way, they have a narrative / a story / a character in their head when putting things together. That's how I design menswear, what are your thoughts on a woman designing menswear? 

TK: I think very few woman designers collections don’t seem to translate well into menswear collections, but you seem to get it. You think like a man!

NW: Haha thank you! Ok, some quick questions, whats your dream car?

TK: A 1970’s 911.

NW: Is your office super tidy?

TK: No, just super clean.

NW: Thank you for your time, I really enjoyed talking to you.

Portrait of Mr. Kinoshita taken at Arnold Circus on Friday 3rd November by Aya Sekine.