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The past year has transformed the way we think about clothes – for the better. We’ve accepted the need to put comfort, versatility and durability above everything else, so that we can begin to dress in harmony with the new lifestyles we’re leading. Where once, there were outfits for work, for dinner dates, and trips to the supermarket, we now have a more blended existence and need clothing that can tick all the boxes and still retain a strong sense of purposeful style. With this in mind, Studio Nicholson has calculated the perfect formula for PF21.


Nurturing how the modular wardrobe makes us feel has always been central to the design process. Season on season, there’s a seamless synergy of references ranging from architecture, product design, paired-back colour palettes, playfulness and a delicate spritz of 90s grunge. Slouchy, unconventional proportions have been gently rounded to reflect the softness we need with indoor dress-codes – who needs shoulder pads when they’re on the sofa? Why not cocoon yourself with the ease of timeless knitwear instead?


Adaptability is always the bedrock of every Studio Nicholson collection. This isn’t a brand that dictates the rules or insists on a specific combination. There is no ‘right way’ to wear it. PF21 celebrates this sense of ambivalence – what’s crucial to comprehend is that each piece is brilliantly built, with plenty of scope for the wearer to connect the dots with their own taste and personal style. Elegance is articulated with nonchalant layering, supersoft polo neck bases are topped with the cleanest cotton poplin shirts, buttons popped open to magnify the contrast in texture. Turn-ups have taken a hike, with the darkest denims and optic white pants confidently caressing the ankle bone.


Skirts bring impact, with the Reyna shape originating from the best-selling Dordoni pant; made from a structural wrinkle double cotton, the considered front split makes striding out easy and certifies this new style as uncomplicated everyday wear. The Auguste knit has a semi-concealed zip-up collar with slender gunmetal puller and double layered neck rib that can be worn snorkelled up or folded down. On the sleeveless end of the spectrum, the precision-cut Prae knit has an asymmetrical hem that’s fully fashioned to flatter and work harmoniously as a standalone statement piece or a fine-gauge base layer. The Coda dress is made from crisp, clean 100% cotton. A dress for all seasons, this all-in-one solution kickstarts a routine of wrap, cinch and tie – bringing the eye towards the waist. Continuing on the trip of transferrable ease, the all-new eco-down whispers warmth and sophisticated tranquillity – a creamy toned thermal solution that brings a sporty youthful segment to the winter get-up. Sustainable to the core, the Pieper coat's wadding is made from recycled plastic bottles, scientifically proven to keep out those autumnal city chills.


As you’d expect, colours are injected to safeguard interchangeability with all previous and future seasons. Wistful, cirrus cloud cornflower blues and wholesome, earthy almonds are represented across the palette. Gentle concrete greys, soft milks and yolky yellows intermingle with the reassuring tones of a steady grey melange, navy and black. Worn together, or separately, these tried and tested molecules bring the essence of space, serenity and energy to any modular wardrobe; they’ve been designed with you and your body in mind. They’re a signal to embrace this new way of living and rejoice in the feeling of being alive, healthy and free.


Women's Pre-Fall 21 Collection - Discover The Women's Pre-Fall Collection Here




Leanne Cloudsdale is the Studio Nicholson Editor-at-Large