Women's Summer 21 Collection - Haptic Dynamics


Humans have been using their sense of touch to evaluate the quality of fabrics for centuries. The ability to quickly decipher whether a surface is rough, tough, smooth or textured relies on the instant transmission of information from our fingertips to our brain. This haptic sensation is the most reliable and secure of all the senses, and goes some way to explaining why items of clothing that feel the most comfortable are the ones we wear most frequently.


For Summer 2021, Studio Nicholson founder Nick Wakeman has taken inspiration from the interior of her airy, expansive home in London. Within this warm, fuss-free and welcoming space, there are a wide range of materials used throughout. A cocktail of man-made and natural elements fuse in harmony to create a living environment that never looks tired or dated. An abundance of oakwood, lacquered MDF, white-washed Victorian brick walls, smoked glass and hand-made milk-coloured tiles come together to mirror the baseline palette of Summer 21.


Studio Nicholson has always been steadfast in the belief that multi-faceted collections need a selection of innovative and traditional shapes and fabrics. It’s the signature blend that helps the brand to consistently deliver forward-thinking, timeless garments that quickly become wardrobe favourites. The dynamic behaviour of cloth and colour became the starting points for the new summer season – alongside an appreciation of two artists famous for taking a kinetic approach to their practice. Cy Twombly and Alexander Calder both secured spaces on the Summer 2021 moodboard thanks to their seemingly effortless ability to translate the freedom of abstraction by using found materials, sculpture, carefully chosen colour and randomised movement.


This undeniable energy has driven Studio Nicholson to consider our tactile experience during the design process and kick-started the introduction of complex fabrications proven to stimulate the senses. Novel finishes include previously unseen wash gradients, crinkle-effects, crisp and clean powdered cottons and revolutionary linens mixed with viscose to modernise the look by minimising the slubs. Colours follow a formula of tobacco tones, dark navy, buttermilk, truffle and ash whites. Interactive codes are matt coolness, subtle fluidity, durable stretch, sports inspired tech and water-repellent nylons. Brought together to place the power, quite literally into the hands of the wearer, these brand-new vibrations will interact seamlessly with the rest of the modular wardrobe.


Women's Summer 21 Collection - Haptic Collection Drop 1 Launches Thursday 18th March




Leanne Cloudsdale is the Studio Nicholson Editor-at-Large