Wrapped Seams

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“When I think about architecture, I think of it as a piece of clothing that must be wrapped around human beings.” - Toyo Ito

My love of modern architecture is no secret and when looking around for inspiration for the AW16 collection, I came across this quote from Korean born Architect and Pritzker Prize winner Toyo Ito - the feeling that clothing is akin to the safety and beauty found within the shelter of a building made complete sense to me. I try to design clothes that are both practical yet elegant and beautiful, no piece is made with adornment for the sake of adornment - every component has a purpose.

When designing the wrapped seam pieces with Bella our creative pattern cutter, we began by draping a fluid wool cashmere blend on the stand at angles to create overlapped or wrapped seams and concealed pockets within the spaces between the overlap - making use of dead space as an architect does.

The results immediately resonated with the quote from Toyo Ito and evoked a feeling of warmth and safety. The styles Branzi, Rams and Bass are particularly clever pieces engineered in fluid wool and cashmere and are finished almost seamlessly.


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