Women's Pre-Fall '22 Collection - Downtown Elegance - Reality Bites

Every now and again, it makes sense to step back and take a look at the wider view. With the rush of daily life, we sometimes lose perspective - but by pulling the bigger picture into focus, we can absorb the macro details that make a landscape so beautiful. This has been a driving philosophy for Studio Nicholson’s PF22 collection. The pace has slowed, the components have been studied and the results offer a fresh new horizon for the modular wardrobe.

The bedrock of the brand has been sliced open and carefully examined. Enriched femininity has been introduced to bring a new layer of attitude to the stability of the continuity favourites. Silhouettes have been given a subtle, sensual shift. Seams have been sewn with maximum slouch to allow the body to move and breathe more comfortably.

"This is an ode to effortless elegance - with floppier fabrics that swoosh and drape."

Inspired by an intoxicating blend of 90s grunge and 90s Italian disco, the volume has been turned down a notch (or two) for a more grown-up, slender flavour. Music culture sits centre stage, with pieces echoing the highs of Hip hop culture (think Willi Smith’s Willi Wear) with the androgynous, electrical luxury of Japan’s David Sylvian.

Human bodies are celebrated. Women radiate confidence with a fleeting flash of flesh. It’s an ageless system of separates designed to be combined without rules. Collars are unbuttoned, lips are slicked the colour of red wine, jewellery adorns the earlobes and digits. This is an ode to effortless elegance - with floppier fabrics that swoosh and drape. Cotton Lyocell mixes that feel soft and cool on the skin. Sportswear-inspired waistbands and leg cuffs are engineered to deliver an active energy that works around the clock, regardless of age.

Reveries of icons past are represented. Smudgy leather molecules in spellbinding Black Grape defy categorisation. The Nika Pant and Nate Shirt are tailored in Tropical Wool for a sharpness that feels seriously modern. For single solution dressing, the Hurn dress is optimal, but if a two-piece is preferred, the bungee corded Gia drawcord pant looks dynamite teamed with the Piero Shirt - all of which are made in the futuristic fibre brilliance of a linen, viscose, and Lyocell blend.

Double-faced knits like the Arve Pant bring the surprise of a kick flare to the collection and the strappy Meno Dress feels decidedly flirtatious. With hues of Sage Green, Inky Navy, and Ice this is a palette for the seasoned Studio Nicholson fan and a disruptive, gritty introduction to the modular wardrobe for anyone unfamiliar. Disruptive, dynamic, and desirable - this is the future of Studio Nicholson.