Stylist Jessi Frederick personifies the ‘less is more’ aesthetic. A friend of the brand, Jessi shares the Studio Nicholson values of elegance, minimalism and functionality. She’s styled Studio Nicholson campaigns in the past, which makes her a natural choice for the Passing Points series. With our stripped-back, compact quiz technique, we asked Jessi what inspires her modular wardrobe. 

"There is something invigorating and refreshing about Spring which inspires me to pull things from the back of my closet."

If your wardrobe could speak, what would it say about you?

“You don’t need any more white t-shirts.”

Why are form, fit and fabrication crucial for our enjoyment of clothing?

I just couldn’t imagine wearing something that was both unflattering and uncomfortable. Functionality and practicality are such important factors when I buy clothing - “Can I wear this many ways? Will I be comfortable wearing it all day? Is it timeless?” These are all questions I consider when bringing pieces into my collection.

If you could meet one of your style heroes - who would it be?

Style Heroes is something I absolutely struggle with. I draw from everything and everyone whether it be from athletes, professionals, or old photos of my Grandparents. A brilliantly creative mind I would have given a lot to pick at would have been Issey Miyake. 

If you could pick one season to dress for, what would it be?

Spring. I love the lightness and ease of the season, especially after the dark Winter months in NY. There is something invigorating and refreshing about the mood which inspires me to pull things from the back of my closet that I haven’t worn in some time.

What makes a good modular wardrobe?

Versatility. Investing in pieces that you can style many different ways, for many different seasons. 

Jessi's curated modular wardrobe: