Sustainable Insulators - AW21 Ecodown

The playfulness element of Studio Nicholson has always been driven by an intuitive understanding of how fabric can make us feel. Facilitating the ability for us all to move freely in our clothing is central to the design. It’s hard to feel youthful with the weight of the world on your shoulders, so a less-traditional winter outerwear solution has been introduced for AW21.

Built for men and women, these pieces are far from ordinary. The all-new Ecodown molecules have been fabricated for movement whilst guaranteeing an elevated standard of thermal insulation for the frosty winter months ahead. Continuing on the trip of transferrable ease, the cloud-like Ecodown whispers warmth and sophisticated tranquillity. This isn’t just passive padding, it’s active tubular technology with fillings that have been engineered from recycled plastic PET bottles to provide the perfect sustainable investment.

Supremely lightweight, timeless, and reassuringly durable, it’s a fabrication that reinforces the Studio Nicholson principles of practicality. The zero tolerance to waste isn’t just perpetuated by the modularity of every collection with garments jigsawing together effortlessly from season to season - it’s also a driving factor for fabric selection. Opting to make use of an otherwise discarded material is all part of an ongoing commitment to responsible sourcing.

Ecodown offers the ideal alternative to animal feathers and comes with the reassurance that clumping (a common issue for down jackets) doesn’t occur thanks to its unique multi-faceted fibre structure. No more lacklustre or empty stress points on the cuffs, collars, or underarms – the volume remains steady throughout the garment life cycle.

With two different Ecodown fillings to choose from - the injection down or wadding, there’s a robust and cocooning cold-weather option to suit all shapes and sizes. The Men’s Object Jacket, Women’s Basel Jacket, and the unisex Plume Scarf offer plenty of voluminous scope for the climate-conscious customer. The slightly more compact (but equally warm) wadding options include the Women’s round-neck Pieper Coat and the Men’s Teo Vest and Sion Jacket.

Each style is water repellent, thanks to the PFC-free Italian woven Cotton Polyamide mix outer shell. Think of them as sportswear-inspired techno-quilts for city living. A one-stop layer for colder climes, they’re a family of easy staples, designed to keep out the chill and make something long-lasting, useful, and functional from a material otherwise destined for landfill. It’s a win-win situation.