The Everyday Icon - Studio Nicholson Denim

Jeans are arguably the most iconic garment of the 20th century. They were invented by a tailor called Jacob Davis who made overalls for the workforce of the American railroad. His customers insisted their pants were fit to last, so Davis masterminded the idea of adding rivets to the stress points to ensure they’d never fall apart. Their popularity soared and in 1873 he partnered with the wealthy and successful dry-goods wholesaler Levi Strauss to patent this new trouser-making technology. The rest – as they say – is history.

As with all the best things in life, they exist outside the realms of fashion. There’s no right or wrong way to invest in something so pure and unpretentious. Practical, strong and simultaneously rebellious, they’ve always been the pant that flicks the bird to the establishment (even in pristine indigo denim). The subcultural element guarantees their continuous relevance; humanity will never tire of wearing jeans.

"There’s no right or wrong way to invest in something so pure and unpretentious."

Studio Nicholson has always championed the importance of timelessness. Clothing shouldn’t need to scream seasonal or tick the transitory trend box. Why waste money on things that will look outdated in a matter of months? Stay resolute and stick with the tried and tested modular wardrobe formula instead – at least that way, you’re the one in charge. This is especially true when it comes to jeans. Nothing lights up the leg quadrant like the reward of decent denim. Sure – there are vintage gems to be found, but nothing beats that box-fresh sensation. Buying brand-new signals the start of a shared journey, an unmistakable sense of ownership and reassuring feeling of familiarity.

The silhouette decision depends on your personality. For a classic, rounded-leg style, opt for Studio Nicholson’s Ruthe Jean. A runaway best-seller, these traditional 5-pocket favourites are made from 13oz selvedge denim and are designed with enough length in the leg to be worn longer or turned up to flash a bit of (suntanned) ankle. High-waisted but supremely comfortable in the seat, you’ll find them hard to beat.

For those who prefer a slightly more feminine cut, there’s nothing better than the 13oz Avanti Jean. With a slender, slightly tapered leg, they follow the same 5-pocket construction, but sit slightly lower on the waist. A laid-back, everyday city style, they work brilliantly for denim-lovers who want the Studio Nicholson hallmark volume turned down just a notch.

The Ruthe and Avanti are both available in Black, White and Indigo to safeguard all sartorial bases. With zero rodeo connotations, they’ve been engineered using the best quality ISKO denim for a lifetime of fuss-free durability. Jeans have never been about pomp and circumstance – they’re an emblem of industrial-strength, ageless functionality. Their essence lies in good value, honesty and above all, the purity of the cloth. Choose yours wisely and you’ll never have to worry about what to wear ever again.