Modular Memorandum - The Journal

The Studio Nicholson Journal has been in place since the brand began. Masterminded as an editorial feed, its content reflects the inner-workings of the brand, its collections and its community. Home to in-depth features, interviews, photo diaries and news about the collections, the Journal was designed to help spread the word of Studio Nicholson and explore the philosophy of the modular wardrobe.

As we shuffle through the moderate pace of January, it seems like a good time to pause and highlight what is, in essence, our magazine. Anyone new to the brand will find it a useful resource into the mind of Studio Nicholson founder, Nick Wakeman, who was the first person to be interviewed for the new ‘In Conversation With’ series (or check out our second episode - with Glenn Kitson as our next guest).

Loyal Studio Nicholson-ites will already be familiar with our regular articles spotlighting the provenance and performance of product, which we always try to cover with an added slice of humour - our take on ‘Dad Jeans’ is a good example of this. Over the years, we’ve found that Introducing new styles in this way helps to bring a warmth and personality to the utilitarian nature of the brand aesthetic. The piece on "Unisex Attitude - Authentic Androgyny" is another informative read, unravelling the unchanging background moodboard that acts as a framework to every seasonal drop.

Readers will recall the celebration we had at Rochelle Canteen last summer - when we toasted (belatedly) the brand turning 10 years old. Scrolling back through the pages (and pages) of the Journal, there’s a robust reality to every entry. The message started strong - and has remained that way. It’s worth noting that 2023 marks Studio Nicholson’s thirteenth year and far from being unlucky for some, it looks like it will be the best one yet.