Modular Sounds - Press Play 01 | Nick Wakeman

A playlist is much more than a continuous stream of music. It’s a conscious, deliberate window into the mind of its creator. An audible slice of their personality – a capsule of sound that represents their taste, their past and their dreams. 

As anyone who follows the brand will know, every Studio Nicholson collection or campaign aligns itself quite naturally, with the soundtrack of founder Nick Wakeman’s youth. Memories of mixtapes shared between friends, complete with artist’s names and track titles scrawled in Biro, compilations encapsulating a mood, a moment or a club-night reverie.

Cassettes are out the window these days, so for most of us, the instantaneous magic of Spotify is how we share our top tunes. Perfect for car journeys, solo strolls around town, or exercising (if you must) the Spotify playlist is where we head to disappear from our daily grind.

We’ve asked members of the Studio Nicholson team, our extended community and people who make our wheels spin to pull together their non-negotiable Modular Sounds. First up on Press Play, is Nick Wakeman – a woman who is never more than two clicks away from something by Radiohead (the early days) or some mind-expanding melancholic euphoria she’s heard on the dance floor. Yes people - she still goes clubbing.