For Autumn 23, Studio Nicholson rewinds the silhouette to pre-millennium times. A pared-back simplicity of looks, executed with total confidence. Silhouettes are long, lean and easy - there’s a continual tonality to every outfit, flattering bodies of all shapes and sizes. Drawing the eye up and down in a fluid, linear fashion. Elongating the limbs, extenuating the waist and cheerleading the shoulders - it’s a collection of structured, fresh and functional hero pieces, served up with a side order of 1990s attitude.

Layering is nostalgic, viewed through a forward-thinking, modern lens. Grunge without the grime, it’s polished, slick and luxurious. Sexy formality with triangle cut-outs offering a sensual flash of flesh. Belt loops stay empty; reminding us of the importance of doing things your own way - rebelling against the everyday rules. Skirts and jackets hint to the hedonism of late nights in London and the denim romance of the 90s music scene.

Casual or considered, do it your own way. With the modular wardrobe, the wearer always retains full creative licence.

Launches Tuesday 11th July