Josh Itiola is a designer and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. A friend of Studio Nicholson, we asked Josh to pull together a playlist of favourites for the Modular Sounds series. When we asked him to describe his music taste he said, “It varies quite a bit. I think it’s usually driven by what I’m feeling at the moment or what activity I’m engaging in. I gravitate to a lot of melodic, and soulful sounds, but can be persuaded by classical, jazz, hip-hop, and lots and lots of world music. Music apps like NTS and Radiooooo bring some variety.”

Speaking about the influences that informed a lot of his future listening, Josh explained, “One very distinct music memory came during the summer of 1994. It was a year after my family moved to New York. I didn’t have much exposure to hip-hop music growing up, but that summer Nas released his debut album “illmatic” and it was all that I heard that summer. From stoops to car stereos, it became the soundtrack to my summer.”