Monique Kawecki is a co-founder and editorial director of Champ magazine – a print publication with a sharp focus on design, creativity and cultural insight. With outposts in London and Tokyo, Champ has an undeniably international flavour, thanks to its satellite agency, where Monique (and her twin sister) work with clients including Nicholas Daley and Apple. Currently based in Australia, Monique is a friend of Studio Nicholson. For our latest Passing Points feature, we asked her a few quick-fire questions about her thoughts on the modular wardrobe.

"Well-designed garments can offer us efficiency, confidence and wellness."

If your wardrobe could speak, what would it say about you?

Global traveller passionate about craftsmanship, innovation, community and sustainability. 

I love to wear friends' designs and garments, styling them together with garments from vintage and army disposal stores, along with hand-crafted items. When I co-founded Champ in Tokyo just over 10 years ago, I was working at Dover Street Market and collected a lot of Comme des Garçons, but Issey Miyake speaks to me most!

Why are form, fit and fabrication crucial for our enjoyment of clothing?

It's architecture for our body after all! Well-designed garments can offer us efficiency, confidence and wellness.

If you could meet one of your style heroes - who would it be?

The late Issey Miyake for his joy and constant innovation and respect for crafts, Rick Rubin for his confident simplicity.

If you could pick one season to dress for, what would it be?

Summer! I absolutely love the sun, it allows me to bring out all my favourite hand-woven sandals, woven carry bags and cotton garments that allow the skin to breathe.

What makes a good modular wardrobe?

Practical garments that work with - and for - you during the seasons, that are sustainable through quality production and timeless for years and years of wear.

Monique's curated modular wardrobe: